Design Knowledge Intermediary
PhD workshop at the Design School Kolding.

Opening: Closed
Closing: Closed
The workshop has two elements: research design and research through design. The first is related to reasoning for selecting a research method and its relation to your research question. The second is to relate research through design to general principles of research design.
The question of research design is central to your PhD: what method are you choosing to answer the research question? How can you justify the selection. What are the effects of the chosen method? How valid is the research design? Allied to that is that many researchers are using a particular method, research through design, to handle their inquiries. This seminar will anchor the choice of that particular tool to the general principles of research and thereby help to create a clear flow from research question to conclusions.
The programme is intended to provide detailed and close discussion of participants´ work. You will need to provide a general outline of your project and a detailed text regarding your research design. Participants will be assigned a colleague who will read and comment on the document.
The seminar is led by Richard Herriott, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design and there will be a presentation by a guest lecturer (t.bd.).
When: November 16th  and 17th, 9:00 to 15.30
Where: Design School Kolding. Room 1.19
ECTS points: 2
Registration deadline is Friday October 1, 2017.
Contact: Christina Stind Rosendahl csr@dskd.dk<mailto:csr@dskd.dk>