Design Knowledge Intermediary

Submission: Closed
Opening: 31-Jan-2018
Closing: 02-Feb-2018
Bath, UK.
ICDC 2018 offers a forum for all those actively studying the topic of creativity within design from several perspectives: design, engineering, computer science, education, management, linguistics, and cognitive science. This year, we also invite authors to address the special theme of Conscious Creativity, presenting the use of design creativity methods and theory that consciously address the global design problems of the 21st century. These include, but are not limited to, effective remote collaboration, enabling cross-cultural perspectives, approaches to sustainable resource and environmental management, and the role of technology in creative working.
We invite high-quality submissions for ICDC including - but are not limited to - the following:
*       Collaborative creative design
*       Cognition in creative design
*       Creative design processes and methods
*       Creative design cultures
*       Design creativity support tools
*       Measuring creativity and its impact
*       Social dimensions of creative design
*       Teaching creativity and innovation
*       Bioinspired design
*       Open innovation for creative industries
*       ICT for creativity
*       Creative processes in design
*       Creativity for sustainability
*       Creativity for complex problems
*       Linking creativity to innovation
*       Creative learners and practitioners
*       Case studies of new creative practice
*       Big data to support creative practice
Deadline- Full paper submission: 8th September 2017
Elies Dekoninck (University of Bath, UK, Chair) and Chris Snider (University of Bristol, UK, Co-chair)
Yukari Nagai (JAIST, Japan, Vice Chair)
Andrew Wodehouse (University of Strathclyde, UK, Programme Chair)

- www.icdc2018.org.uk