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Deadline: Closed

At Grundejernes Investeringsfond (The Landowner’s Investment Association) we are working to create better homes. We know that certain challenges exist with regard to the existing housing stock - partly in the physical condition of the housing and, partly, in the constraints on family life imposed by many older blocks of flats. We know, for example, that many people want to live in large towns and that several families with children choose to remain in their flats despite the lack of space and various facilities. It is necessary, therefore, that our housing stock can be made to accommodate changing requirements.

The Task
Your challenge, therefore, will be to show us how we might improve living conditions in existing buildings. We would like to hear your suggestions as to what you would want to change and how you plan to achieve it, keeping in mind that the need for (energy) optimisation of the existing housing stock provides an opportunity of redefining our homes, our buildings, and our towns.

Typical problems might be:

    How do we create more space inside each flat?
    How do we increase the amount of natural light?
    How do we minimise street noise and/or noise from neighbouring tenants?
    How do we design attractive backyard environments?
    How do we achieve a better indoor climate?

We are seeking answers to questions like these and many more besides. The competition is open to all regardless of their connection to the building sector – be it as an architect, designer, contractor, manufacturer or similar; whether you are a tenant or a landlord in a block of flats or similar.

Who is GI?
Grundejernes Investeringsfond (GI) provides grants to development projects, pilot projects, and initiatives in the field of town planning, housing improvements, and renovation of the older housing stock. Therefore, we now invite applications for grants to help realise your ideas with us – whether your idea requires preceding research or needs developing further. We shall be happy to assist you with your application. In order to qualify for a grant from GI, your idea must benefit landlords and tenants in the private rental sector.

Upload Your Idea
To take part in the competition, you must upload a picture of your idea accompanied by a brief description (max. 200 words) illustrating which kind of problems you seek to address. Additionally, you may upload a film or more pictures of your idea.

Your idea need not be complete; it will be sufficient to upload a draft and then completing it when you have received feedback from other members.

Assessment of Your Idea
A jury consisting of experts will consider your idea according to five parameters: Architectural quality, functionality, sustainability, durability, and efficiency. In addition, your idea may be evaluated by other Innosite members.

Winning entries will be selected from three categories:

1. Members’ Evaluation Award
The idea achieving the best overall evaluation from members (average of all five criteria) will receive DKK 15,000.
2. The Jury’s Award – according to criteria
The Jury selects one idea from each of the five categories to receive DKK 10,000.
3. The Jury’s First Prize
The Jury’s First Prize of DKK 25,000 will go to the best overall idea.

What Happens To Your Idea?
Your idea will form part of GI’s development projects, and if GI believes that it might be of benefit for landlords and tenants in the private rental sector, you may apply for a grant to develop your idea further.

The deadline for sharing ideas to be assessed by the jury will be 22 January. It will be possible to share ideas and to comment on other people’s ideas after the deadline.

Celebrating the Winner in Week 6
In week 6, we shall be inviting you to celebrate the winner. The precise date will be published on innosite.dk after Christmas.

Exhibition of the Winning Entries
The winning entries will be exhibited at Danish Architecture Centre during March.

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