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Automotive Brand Contest 2011

Deadline: Closed

In 2011, the German Design Council for the first time organizes the Automotive Brand Contest. All companies from the automobile industry and their partners in the supplying industry as well as the design and brand communication sectors are invited to participate.

Submissions will be awarded a prize in twelve separate categories as well as the three special categories:

Innovation of the Year: award for innovative brand and technology concepts and their integrated realization
Team of the Year: award for the design team of the year for most innovative and consistent brand design
Brand of the Year: award for the integrated and efficient brand presentation

The jury members of this competition, the first of its kind in this sector, are Jürgen Lewandowski, freelance author and journalist, Professor Andrea Lipp, Dean of Students Transportation Interior Design of Reutlingen University, Dietmar Mühr, Managing Director Plex GmbH, Wolfgang Peters, freelance journalist, Professor Jochen Pläcking, Managing Director kleinundpläcking group GmbH, Birgit Priemer, Deputy Editor-in-Chief "auto motor und sport," and Andrej Kupetz, General Manager of the Rat für Formgebung | German Design Council.