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Webinar: Driving design thinking into an organization

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Driving design thinking into an organization
Kaaren Hanson, Director of Experience Design, Intuit


Several years ago, Intuit realized that it had strayed from its roots and was no longer creating the most intuitive experiences on the market. With a culture that highly regards the customer, Intuit was ripe to integrate Design Thinking. Learn how Kaaren Hanson’s team and key executives are making Design Thinking a core competence, driving customer and revenue wins, and helping to re-invent the company culture.

Key Learnings:
Senior leadership buy-in is important — but not nearly enough.
Don’t talk — do! (aka talking doesn’t get you very far)
Process doesn’t work
Patience, patience, patience
Focus on your energizers (your detractors will take care of themselves)

Kaaren Hanson and her team lead Design Innovation at Intuit, including design thinking, mobile design, ethnographic research, and XD leadership. Kaaren champions the strategic value of design and is dedicated to helping XD staff develop their leadership capabilities. She works closely with Intuit’s founder, Scott Cook, to weave Design Thinking throughout the company’s culture. Prior to joining Intuit in 2002, Kaaren founded the UX team at Remedy, a BMC company. She earned her PhD in experimental social psychology at Stanford University.