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International Conference on Social Robotics 2010

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The International Conference on Social Robotics is a conference for scientists, researchers, and practitioners to report and discuss the latest progress of their forefront research and findings in social robotics, as well as interactions with human beings and integration into our society. The inaugural conference was held in Incheon, Korea under the FIRA Robo- World Congress 2009; and this year, the beautiful city garden of Singapore is proud to be the host for ICSR 2010.

The conference welcomes original, peer reviewed papers and contributions describing technically rigorous scientific and philosophical advances in social robots, and their interactions and communications with humans, especially innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, as well as novel applications on the latest fundamental advances in the core technologies that form the backbone of social robotics, distinguished developmental projects, as well as seminal works in aesthetic design, ethics and philosophy, studies on social impact and influence pertaining to social robotics, and its interaction and communication with human being and its social impact on our society.

Important Dates

Invited Session
Proposal Submission
7 May 2010

Invited & Conference
Paper Submission
28 May 2010
7 June 2010
21 Jun 2010

Tutorial Sessions
Proposal Submission
30 Jun 2010

Proposal Submission
30 Jun 2010

Notification of the
Papers' Acceptance
6 Aug 2010

Notification of the
Tutorial Sessions' Acceptance
6 Aug 2010

Final Manuscript
10 Sep 2010

Conference Dates
23-24 Nov 2010