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A new series of design workshops in Berlin: BAUHAUS live

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The Bauhaus Archive Berlin is celebrating the key ideas of the Bauhaus movement and their relevance to modern design by hosting a new series of interdisciplinary design workshops.

The first workshop of the programme, June 7th until June 12th, 2010, will be held by the Berlin based designer Werner Aisslinger, and run in conjunction with the DMY Design Festival Berlin:

Workshop Title: 'My Visionary Bauhaus'

Based upon the inspirational vision manifested in the Bauhaus movement, the workshop will push the boundaries of the participants' idea of contemporary design. Engaging in the visions of the Bauhaus avant-garde, the participants will be challenged to come up with similarly revolutionary concepts today.

In an intense five-day programme of conceptual and hands-on design work, the workshop will invite the participants to look towards the future and create new products and concepts whilst following the process-oriented, interdisciplinary example of the Bauhaus philosophy. After a comparative introduction to the utopian concepts of future habitats as examplified in Italian and British design in the 60s, the participants will be challenged to apply their own visions of the future to our modern civilisation, and create truly innovative concepts and products.

The goal of the workshop is not the creation of a perfect, production-ready design or prototype, but rather to engage in an experimental creative process. Playful exploration of innovative concepts will be the central focus of this intense programme, which will be rounded off by lectures, discussion and direct feedback sessions with the workshop host and the organisers.

The workshop language is English and/or German as required. Materials will be provided; however, the participants are invited to bring some of their personal preferred media.

Located in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant cities, the BAUHAUS live programme represents the ultimate opportunity for celebrating creativity and design, and is a great chance to explore a city at the forefront of international trends and style. All workshops of the programme are geared towards an international, interdisciplinary crowd. The workshops are a unique opportunity to experience the interdisciplinary nature of the Bauhaus movement, and explore cross-boundary thinking, creativity and innovation skills.

Core to the initiative is the belief that although the Bauhaus represents an historical era, its core values internationally influenced a way of thinking. The workshops will aim the “Bauhaus way of thinking” towards the future; focused on the process-oriented and open character of the Bauhaus.

Instead of descending into dogma, the Bauhaus has always considered itself the focal point of interdisciplinary inspiration: today, this makes the Bauhaus more relevant than ever.
About the programme:

The BAUHAUS live programme was initiated by Ingo Strobel, and is executed in cooperation between Faces of Design and Hidden Fortress, and in partnership with the Bauhaus Archive Berlin.